Private Bartending Lessons

Are you an aspiring bartender looking to increase your bar knowledge and make yourself more profitable in the industry? Take advantage of our private bartending lessons. The Pour Pro offers private bartender courses that will train you to be the most knowledgeable and efficient bartender you can be.

Unlike your neighborhood bartending school or online bartending courses, The Pour Pro’s private bartending lessons allow you to practice with real liquor so that you can taste the drinks that you make to ensure consistency. Also, we ensure that you receive extensive beer and wine knowledge, which is paramount to a new bartender, especially when applying to fine dining establishments, hotels, resorts, etc.

Most of all, The Pour Pro will provide you with job placement services and even provide you with your first bartending job so that you can have an active bartending resume. The Pour Pro will give important interview tips, like what type of bar best fits your personality, working in fine dining vs. clubs vs. pubs, researching establishments before applying and interviewing, conversational tools that make great bartenders, etc.

Upon finishing our private bartending course, you will know how to:

  • Set up and break down a bar
  • Pour drinks consistently and efficiently by actually tasting what you pour
  • Correctly pour beer (from a can, glass or tap)
  • Present wine (by the glass and by the bottle)
  • Pair wine with food
  • Effectively converse with bar patrons
  • Interview for bartending jobs
  • Land your second bartending job (As we will provide you with your first!)

To further inquire about our Private Bartending Lessons, click here to contact us.